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The Original Model

The Original Model.

DEL have been manufacturing custom built surfboards since the mid 60's. The DEL Original is exactly that.

A superbly crafted limited edition celebration of late sixties longboard design. The original flat rocker combined with its heavy glass job and rolled bottom ensure an authentic vintage ride.


The glassed on resin coloured fin, and gloss coat is polished into a collectable work of art that surfs even better than it looks.

The Invincible Model

The Invincible Model.

The Invincible Model is the ultimate throwback to late 1960's design. 

Blended with modern nuances to create a board that slides and jives like no other.

Its narrow nose, wide tail and glassed on 9' 3/4" fin holds steady thru the longest of sections offering plenty of time up the tip.

The Performer Model

The Performer Model.

The Performer Model is expertly crafted to create the perfect balance between long and short.

The perfect combination of bottom curve & modern rails results in a performance longboard that is extremely manueverable, yet solid on the tip.

The All Rounder Model

The All Rounder Model.

Ideally suited for someone who is looking for a board that is easy to paddle, yet can still be thrown around.


It is extremely maneuverable for its size.

The Retro Twin Model

The Retro Fish  Model.

The Retro Fish is available as either a keel fin twin, or quad setup, with subtle differences to suit the plan shape of each shape.


Enjoy the speed and holding power thru different lines and times.

The Retro Single Model

The Retro Single Model.

The Retro Single is indeed a blast from the past.


Clean lines and smooth arc's need not be forgotten, on this authentic single fin replica.

Shaped by Robert Walsh, one of only a few shapers that can testify to building and riding boards from before this era to the present.

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